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    Electric vehicle conversions

Why convert old car to a electric car?

Here are a few good reasons.


Environmental friendly transportation.

It's cheap

 Electric car’s cost per kilometer are about one third of a gasoline car.


 Electric car requires less maintenance than a car with combustion engine.

Conversions and kits

Muuntuva in the news

A ten grand fully electric Beetle

A story how Muuntuva’s CEO Esa Virtanen became interested in electric cars and how 1973 VW Beetle became an electric car.

Read story from  this site (article in finnish)

A fully electric hobby car?

Is the engine of your beloved Mercedes Benz taking it’s last breaths or do you hope that you had a fully electric hobby Beetle that accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in less than 6 seconds? Converting an old car to eco friendly electric car is a viable option.

Electric Virtanen

Keskisuomalainen newspaper article on Muuntuva.

Read story from  this link (pdf in finnish)


Our mission

Our mission is to build and convert electric cars and other vehicles.

Who we are

Muuntuva Oy consists of experts from various fields and partners. We are a strongly networked conglomerate.  We are located in central Finland.