Fully electric classic cars


Muuntuva converts regular cars with internal combustion engines to fully electric engines. All conversions are custom made per clients needs.


We give cars a new life as electric car.

Classical fully electric car

  • No emissions
  • Less repairs
  • Low running costs
  • Feel the comfort of electric drive in a classic car


All the cars Muuntuva converts are made per clients needs. Muuntuva hands you the keys after conversion is done and registered as a road legal vehicle.

Conversion includes:

  • Drivetrain conversion to electric
  • Paintwork, bodywork or any other repairs as per needs
  • Driveability enhancement
  • MOT inspection

Frequently asked questions

What else does conversion process include than converting drivetrain to electric?

All the conversions are made per customers needs. Everything we do we do well.

We can do upholstery repairs, soundproofing, insulation and make car handle better.

How far can you go with converted vehicle?

100km as a minimum. We can always add more batteries to increase range.

Does vehicle require any changes in registry or does owner need to know of any legislations?

Muuntuva will handle everything required to make the car road legal and inspected & approved by Finnish authorities.

Delivery times

It usually takes from 3 to 6 months after ordering all the parts needed to complete a conversion.

How do you inform client about conversion's progress?

Muuntuva will email customer pictures and information as the conversion progresses.

Beetle conversion kit

Muuntuva offers you a kit so you can create a classic car conversion yourself.

What year models does the kit cover?

The kit fits year models from 1958 to 1988.

Can I install the kit myself?

Yes, kit comes with instructions.

Does kit have any warranty?

Part manufacturers offer their products their own warranty usually ranging from 1 to 5 years.

MOT inspection?

Instruction manual covers everything you need to prepare for inspection.

How far can you go with the kit?

It depends on the choice of battery. We will help you find you suitable battery for the conversion.

Quotes and progress of conversion

Feel free to contact us and tell us what you are thinking of. Please include the following:

  • Register number if the car is registered and road legal or what kind of vehicle you would like to have.
  • How far do you want to go? Battery is usually the most expensive part of conversion so this choice affects the price tag the most.
  • All the common information about the car: curb weight, gross weight, length, width, engine power

Ask for a quote and we will provide you a ballpark figure. If you are satisfied with the initial response we will proceed to feasibility study and bill you for it beforehand. If you want to cancel the process after this point we will refund you partly.

Actual making of conversion

Everything begins with a meeting after feasibility study is completed. We will go through requirements, schedules, list of parts and agree on payments. Meeting can be held remotely, for example via Skype or phone.

Next we will carry on planning and proceed with parts order. We will notify you of any changes in schedules or delays in parts deliveries.

During conversion process we will clean the car, inspect and test drive it. Any legal inspections are also carried if needed. Finally customer receives the car with our instructions of how everything works.

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