Frequently asked questions

Winter conditions

How does electric car handle cold weather?

Battery can be protected and heated so there will be no problem running it even at -40C.

Will heating affect range during winter?

Range will shorten a bit if heating is done by using battery power. Pre-heating batteries during charging will help with performance and battery life.


How much does range suffer?

It depends on heating power available. 2kW heating power will shorten range by 10km during one hour of driving. 6kW will shorten range by 30km in one hour (power equivivalent to a normal sauna). Range will shorten despite of movement if heater is being run. Full power is required only for a short while and to maintain the heat it takes way less power. Preheating cabin and batteries during charge will help a lot with range during winter.



Are electric cars more green than cars operated by biogas, diesel or gasoline?

Yes they are. Local emissions will remain zero if you don’t account tire wear and particles lifted off the ground. Any vehicle with tires will do the same no matter motor or fuel used. Producing electricity will cause some emissions at the plant but so does refining oil to gas/diesel/gasoline too.

What kind of pollution does electric car create?

See the above. Car body and other parts can be recycled like on other cars. Batteries are more easy to separate from the car than oil from engine or body.

Will environment set limits to electric cars?

No, it is the other way around. Environment will demand electric cars. It is already forbidden to operate any other cars than electric cars on some areas in big cities.

Technical and service

How do you service electric car?

Just like any other car with internal combustion engine. Electric cars don’t need motor oil changes or anything related to transmission. All the other body and suspension parts are the same and can be serviced by any technician. For high voltage electrical parts its best to leave it for professionals like Muuntuva.


What will be left off during electric conversion?

All the work related to internal combustion engine like spark plugs, timing belts, oil and any other related electrics. There will be no exhaust pipe, catalytic converter or lambda sensors either. Original transmission can usually be left off too.


Will regular car repair shops be able to service electric cars?

Yes they will. They only will get less to work on as there is no internal combustion engine or transmission left. All the other work like bodywork or even welding can be done as usual.


Is it more expensive to service electric car than any other car?

No. All the basic components in the car will remain the same. Electrical components may be high priced but there is less to wear out and they are less prone to faults. Many newer cars with internal combustion engines have way more complex systems inside that are hard to diagnose. Any electrical fault within electric car is easily diagnosed and repaired.


Is electric car as safe as any other car?

Yes. If anything goes wrong with high voltage system the car will shut off high voltage system and prevent any shock hazards. Just like any modern home has a ground fault circuit detection system and will turn off power quickly if something goes wrong.


How many horsepower can conversion car have?

Electric cars can have as much power available than before with internal combustion engine. Laws and legislations limit how much power the car can have. You can have less but can’t go over what original engine had. Electric car will feel much more quicker with same power though as all the torque is available right at standstill and will not fade until rpm limit is reached. More power usually means only more top speed.

How do you pass MOT with electric car?

Like any other car with internal combustion engine the inspection engineer will check all the same components but will not perform emissions tests.


What kind of gearbox does electric car have?

If original transmission is to be retained then everything works like before conversion. You can drive with one gear only and it is not necessary to move out of gear even when stopping or reversing. You don’t have to press clutch pedal either unless you are changing gear when already moving. Modern electric cars do have only one reduction gear and it can be driven like any car with automatic transmission.


Charging the electric car

Where can I find charging stations? How do I find one while I’m on the road?

Usually car is charged at home and will be fully charged when needed. On the road the regular charging stations are slow to medium speed and drivers should seek faster DC charge stations instead. These will provide more range quicker than regular public charging stations. Car needs to be able to accept DC fast charging. Charging speed can be limited if needed.

Can you charge using regular wall outlet?


How long will it take to charge?

It depends on the size of the battery and onboard charger power. If your circuit breaker is 16A you get roughly 3kW charging power. This will give car 3kWh of electrical energy in one hour. If battery size is 30kWh then it takes roughly 10 hours from zero to full charge. If you double charging power you will cut charging time in half. If you have 3-phase power available you can cut charging time in third. Usually its the circuit breaker and wiring in the house or garage that limits the charging power.

Can you charge a little bit at a time? Do you always have to charge battery to full?

You can charge as much or little as you want. Batteries don’t have so-called memory effect so they are not affected by partial charge.


How do you know how far you can go?

Usually you can see it right from the cars display screens. Readings are approximations and available range depends heavily on the right foot usage.

How long do batteries last?

Battery life is usually measured in empty-to-full cycles. One cycle corresponds to 100% battery usage. If less is used the battery life will go up. If you only use 80% at a time the battery might last double to what it would if being 100% used. Depending on chemistry batteries will last 250 to 1500 cycles if always fully discharged and charged. Many manufacturer will not let user to use all the capacity but instead limits usage to 80-90% to maximize battery life.



What will Muuntuva do to a car during conversion?

Muuntuva will remove internal combustion engine, possibly the transmission and installs electric powertrain in place of removed components. Electrical systems don’t usually need to be touched at all so original behaviour is retained. Cabling will be hidden with serviceability in mind. Batteries will be installed according to needs and extra body or structural work may need to be done.


What else will be done during conversion?

Engine bay can be cleaned during conversion to make it look better than black and oily engine bay. Car wash, waxing and buffing can also be done if needed.


Where can I get to test drive Muuntuva cars?

Cars will be all over the Finland eventually. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe for the newsletter.

What else can be converted to fully electric than cars?

Machinery, boats, mopeds, ATVs, sleds and whatever has internal combustion engine. Ask us for an offer!

Other questions

How is the taxation on electric cars?

So far taxes will be less than on internal combustion cars. Even when there are more tax types the total cost will be less.


Can one get subsidies or tax reimbursements for a conversion vehicle?

At the moment, no. We hope the current ongoing debate about subsidies for green vehicles will include electric conversions too.